The constant flashing of a street light is an annoyance for many residents of a Tuxedo Park street but one woman says, for her, the problematic lamp is a health concern.

Kathryn Mackay has a medical condition that has left her prone to seizures.

The light from the lamp emanates into the living room and bedroom of Mackay’s home. When the lamp began to flicker in 2016, Mackay suffered a seizure she said was triggered by the city-owned street light.

Mackay’s landlord made several calls to the City of Calgary’s 311 line to have the street light repaired. According to Mackay, the issue was not addressed but her concerns were temporarily alleviated when the street light’s bulb burned out. The bulb was replaced and the street light failed to flicker for several days before the lamp’s intermittent behaviour resumed.

This last weekend, Mackay suffered a grand mal seizure after catching an unexpected glimpse of the street light. The Tuxedo Park resident fell during the episode, striking her head on the ground. The subsequent gash over her right eye required stitches to close.

The street light has Mackay living in fear within her home. “I'm terrified that I will come around the corner and maybe the blind isn't sitting properly or the sheet is not sitting properly,” said Mackay. “Even side view, with my peripheral vision, if I catch it, there's nothing I can do.”

After Mackay's injury, three more calls were made to the city explaining the situation but, as of Wednesday afternoon, the light has not been fixed. According to city officials, ENMAX crews normally repair street lights in the 30 days that follow the filing of a complaint.

With files from CTV's Alesia Fieldberg