The Government of Canada is investing more than $13 million for a variety of projects that will help strengthen, diversify and grow our country’s agricultural exports.

Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Marie-Claude Bibeau, said the funds will go towards eleven projects supporting the efforts of eight of Canada’s national grains and oilseeds organizations.

Just over $4 million will go to the Canola Council of Canada to increase canola exports internationally.

This spring, China stopped Canadian imports of canola and Minister Bibeau says, while our country’s products have a good reputation around the world, this move hit producers hard.

"The fact that the market is closed for canola in China is a big issue, but most of our farmers I think are rotating their production so every investment we make for one or another benefit all of them at the end of the day."

Ian Chitwood hosted the federal announcement on his farm just east of Airdrie. "When we’re talking about canola with China, I mean it’s one market that is such a big component, it’s never good to rely on a single customer."

Farmers say they’re happy with Thursday’s federal investment into their industry because harvest is right around the corner and they look forward to new markets for their products overseas.