Fire investigators are working to determine what sparked a huge fire in the southeast community of Cranston.

The fire broke out just after 2 a.m. in a home on Cranridge Cr. S.E. It quickly spread destroying three homes and leaving 11 people homeless.

Firefighters fought the two-alarm blaze for over an hour before it was brought under control. The heat was so intense it melted siding on the homes across the street from the blaze.

The home Jackie Nicolson and her husband Mohammed Rahman rented was destroyed in the fire. They had just moved into the home two weeks ago from Lethbridge and were in Edmonton when the fire started. On top of losing everything they own, Jackie is eight months pregnant.

"I'm trying not to stress out the baby, but it's hard," said Nicolson.

"The baby stuff and everything is gone too, with all our stuff," added Rahman.

Another family new to the city was renting the home at the centre of the inferno. A young couple with two children owned the other home destroyed in the fire.

Witnesses say the blaze seemed to start with an explosion.

"I heard a great big bang and it shook the house. The phone was also ringing, so I got up and checked. We live four houses down and there were fire trucks everywhere," said a neighbour.

"We saw that the fire was just inside of the garage. We called 911, by the time we called 911 the fire was all over the house," added another neighbour.

CTV News spoke with an official from the Fire Department who says the three homes were built before new fire code regulations came into effect this past May.

Had the homes been built under the new regulations, they would have had some kind of fire retardant under the siding which may have prevented the fire from spreading as quickly as it did.

Assistant Fire Chief Ken McMullen says the Fire Department still wants the building code changed to make residential sprinklers mandatory.

He says in this situation sprinklers may have made a huge difference.

No word yet on the cause of the blaze or how much damage it caused.