A Calgary man says ‘poor workmanship’ is to blame for massive water damage done to his condo after his kitchen sink collapsed, but the homebuilder says that isn’t the case.

On Monday, Patrick Miskowski says he left dirty dishes to soak in his kitchen sink and came running when he heard a crash.

The young man, who had just bought his condo 15 months ago, was shocked to find his kitchen sink had dropped right out of the counter, spilling water everywhere.

Miskowski says there was so much water, it soaked his floors, damaged his baseboards and leaked into the unit below.

He talked to a plumber friend who told him that the issue was likely a faulty installation by the homebuilder, Truman Homes.

But the company disagreed, suggesting that the problem was his fault.

“He told me ‘how do I know you didn’t stand in the sink?’ I was like ‘it’s a sink?’” Miskowski said.

Truman Homes told him that they would not cover the damage from the fault and suggests that he contact the Alberta New Home Warranty Program.

That’s when Miskowski says things went from bad to worse. “They actually told me because the permit for this building was submitted before February 1, 2014, the whole complex was exempt.”

Truman Homes says that it does provide a one year, wall to wall comprehensive warranty program, but that doesn’t help Miskowski.

He’s left regretting his purchase and worries that other owners in his building aren’t aware that there is no warranty coverage to help them if something goes wrong.

Service Canada, the agency in charge of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program, says every home built after the Feb. 1, 2014, deadline is covered.

It would not comment specifically on Miskowski’s case.

(With files from Jamie Mauracher)