Environment Canada has confirmed that a land-spout tornado formed just outside the city on Wednesday and the weather agency says it is the first twister of the season

The tornado happened near the intersection of Stoney Trail and Highway 1 and that the length and width have not been determined.

No damages were reported and Environment Canada says about 15 tornadoes normally happen in the province between April and September each year.

CTV Calgary Meteorologist Kelsey McEwen says usually, a tornado descends down from a cumulonimbus cloud to make contact with the ground.

She says the twister on Wednesday was different, formed by intense circulation on the ground.  The rotating column of air then ascended up to the base of a towering cumulus, making it a land-spout tornado.

Alberta’s severe weather is most often observed from June to September.  In 2015, the first reported tornado of the year was June 4th, just outside Airdrie.

Kelsey says last year was below average for tornado activity and that only seven were reported in the province.

Environment Canada says two dust devils were also spotted; one near Balzac at 1:45 p.m. the other near Arrowwood at about 5:50 p.m.

(With files from Kelsey McEwen)