Some aldermen say fluoride in the water supply is costing Calgarians too much money.

Alderman Andre Chabot says if the city continues the practice, we are looking at a multi-million dollar bill. "I've been told it could cost as much at $6-million to replace the equipment that actually puts the fluoride in the water."

The fluoride debate started in 1957 and since then there have been six plebiscites on the issue.

The city started adding fluoride to the water supply in 1989 after 53 percent of Calgarians voted in favour of the move.

While much of the debate has focused on health concerns, there seems to be growing financial concerns about the practice of adding fluoride.

On April 6th, five aldermen will enter a motion asking that fluoride be removed from drinking water in an attempt to save money.

The motion also asks for $750,000 to help low-income Calgarians who can't afford regular fluoride treatments at the dentist.