Volunteers were busy on Saturday, helping out with the annual city-wide donation drive for the Calgary Food Bank.

It's the 14th year for the event and more than 300,000 bags of food were collected this year.

James McAra, CEO of the Calgary Food Bank, says the work of the volunteers and generosity of Calgarians is 'amazing'.

"It's so much fun to watch Calgary care."

He says that it's a monumental effort to mobilize the entire city to gather food donations in such a short time.

"We average about 300,000 pounds of food on this day and what's amazing about it is that it actually provides the type of things that typically don't get donated. We get a lot of food throughout the year which is essential but this day provides some of those pieces that don't often get donated."

Those items include tinned meats and canned proteins like beans and lentils.

He says that a drive in September ends up helping a lot of families who struggle with the costs of sending their children to school and the rising cost of heating bills.

In 2017, more than 468,000 pounds of food was donated.