Calgary non-profit groups were invited to an office furniture shopping spree at the Bow Building on Friday.

When Cenovus Energy moved into their new digs in the Bow Building it purchased new office furniture so instead of selling off all the old stuff, the company decided to give it away to Calgary non-profit groups.

The 24th floor of the Bow Building was turned into a furniture show room on Friday as members of Calgary's non-profit sector wandered through picking out furniture for their organizations.

Computers, desks, chairs, cabinets, end tables and even a microwave and fridge were free for the taking at the Cenovus Suite Furniture Giveaway.

“Hundreds and hundreds of pieces of furniture, 460 full suites and all sorts of other things,” said Lynne Douglas, Group Lead of Community Investment for Cenovus Energy.

Charities are often cash trapped and put most of their money into services instead of administrative office supplies.

“We just thought there was a golden opportunity. In community investment we work with hundreds of community partners that do amazing work in our community and they don’t have the same resources we do so we thought when we had the opportunity to move, why not give back? Why not give back in a different way and in a more meaningful way? We like to call it, repurpose with purpose,” said Douglas.

“Let’s just say furniture is not our top priority. We’re delivering great service in the community so everything, all of the resources that we have at our disposal goes toward delivering those services so when we get furniture, it’s almost always donated,” said Suzanne Jackett , CEO of Between Friends.

They say high quality office furniture, like the kind they are getting from Cenovus, is a luxury most could never afford.

“What Cenovus is providing us with is fabulous quality. It feels like new. It feels like you are rejuvenated and you get excited again and it's really an unbelievable opportunity,” said Jackett.

Cenovus says the turnout for the furniture giveaway was phenomenal and the two viewings on Friday were both full to capacity.

The energy company will also foot the bill to deliver the furniture and set it up for the non-profit groups. 

For more information and to donate, visit the DeliverGood website.