A home, given away by a Calgary country singer, is well on its way to its new home in High River.

The bungalow in Killarney was lifted off its foundation on Thursday night.

The home, a three bedroom built in the 1950s, was moved by a company at no cost to the new owners, Dave and Verna Roberts of High River.

The Roberts’ were chosen out of thousands of inquiries for the home by Jason and Gina Hastie.

"We were incredibly moved to hear so many stories of people in need. The family we chose are wonderful people who have faced great tragedy over the past few years,” say Jason and Gina. “We truly believe that their lives will be changed by having a place they can call 'home' again. Our hope is that this inspires others to do the same."

The Hasties are building a new home on their lot in southwest Calgary and instead of tearing down their old home, which they say they put so much work into, they decided to give it away for free.

The home took a slow route through the City of Calgary on Thursday night, down Sarcee Traill to Glenmore, then to 14 Street to Anderson Road.

It was then driven down Macleod Trail out of city limits to a location where it will be stored until it can be put in place where the Roberts' flood-damaged home is currently.