Family members have identified 26-year-old Cavin Poucette as the victim of Thursday morning’s shooting in the town of Gleichen as they struggle to comprehend what happened in the minutes prior to his death.

In the early morning hours of October 19, two RCMP officers conducted a traffic stop near the intersection of Haskayne Avenue and Gleichen Street. The reason for the stop has not been released. According to police, the officers noticed a firearm in the SUV and attempted to arrest the driver. A confrontation ensued and one of the RCMP members shot the man. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. RCMP have not confirmed the identity of the deceased.

Several hours after the fatal shooting, relatives recognized Poucette and Poucette’s vehicle within the crime scene tape.

‘They should tell us what’s going on,” Gildas Storm, Poucette’s uncle, told CTV Calgary on Thursday morning. “All they say is they don’t know who that is and they don’t know who…” Emotion overtook Storm before he finished his thought. “That’s my nephew!’

“Cops stopped us here and they said that ASIRT was going to get ahold of us. They’re driving all over the damn reserve trying to find people. We’re right here. If ASIRT wants to find the family, we’re right here.”

Adeline Storm has fond memories of her nephew who would have celebrated his 27th birthday on October 25. ““He’s very quiet. Very kind hearted. He’s not a troublemaker whatsoever.”

Word that Poucette had a firearm in his possession stunned Gildas Storm. “I’m just total surprised that he has a gun or he had a gun,” said Poucette’s uncle.“I don’t know where he got this gun from and I know he’s not like that. He’s a pretty good kid.”

Poucette’s social media accounts have been flooded with tributes and messages of condolence.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) is investigating the actions of the RCMP members.

Poucette has had previous dealings with police and had been convicted of a number of offences including assault, uttering threats and breaching probation.

With files from CTV's Jordan Kanygin