CALGARY -- The owner of a pizza shop in Bridgeland says he loves the community so much he wants to give back — so he set up a foosball table out front for all to enjoy.

Set up near picnic tables in front of Roma’s Pizzeria in the 900 block of First Avenue N.E., the goal is to see Calgarians enjoying the game of foosball, whether they are just passing by or grabbing a slice of pie, said owner Ahmad Abdulghani.

“People like to come and enjoy Bridgeland so I thought people can come and have more fun,” he said.

“I love this community, that’s the reason behind that.”

Abdulghani says he purchased the foosball table to display it out front of his shop for all to enjoy.

“I just bought it for this, like I said, I really love this community, people care for this community so that’s how it is,” he said.

“As long as people are happy that’s the main thing.”

Hand sanitizer is being made available at the table.