Several aldermen say they will not support a proposed $4/month garbage collection fee.

The issue will be debated in a month but already some aldermen are saying they cannot support a user fee that's really a tax. "When it comes before council, I will be one of the ones speaking against it and voting against it," says Andre Chabot, the alderman for Ward 10.

Currently, the cost of collecting garbage is paid for through property taxes. "It's unacceptable because the citizens pay their property tax and their garbage collection has always been included," says Diane Colley-Urquhart, the alderman for Ward 13.

Mayor Bronconnier is defending the pickup fee saying the waste and recycling department is facing a $36-million operating deficit over the next three years. That's on top of the $100-million shortfall because of capital improvements at landfills. "I've said for some time now that we are challenged from a budgetary perspective to meet all the demands, not just on the growth side but from the catch up perspective," says Bronconnier.

While some of the Calgarians CTV spoke with think the added fee is wrong, there was one person we found who supports it. "I think it's a good idea, to be honest, because I don't think people do enough to cut down on their garbage and minimize their usage."

Council will debate the garbage fees proposal on November 17th. If approved, the garbage pickup fee will kick in on January 1st.