The province has ordered the owners of a leaky gas station in Bowness to build a containment wall to keep the site from contaminating the surrounding area.

Alberta Environment negotiated the deal with the owners of Gas Plus on Bowness Road N.W. on Tuesday.

Last year, a leak was discovered at the gas station in April.

It is believed that as much as 9,000 litres of fuel seeped into the surrounding soil.

In August 2010, a resident on Bowness Road called Alberta Environment to report the smell of gasoline in the basement.

Houses in the area have undergone several environmental tests since the leak was discovered.

An environmental protection order was issued against the proprietor last December for failing to remediate contamination on and off the gas station site.

An engineering company was hired as part of the order to determine the impact of the leak on the area.

The province then ordered Gas Plus to clean up the site by removing all of the soil which should have been done by the end of this week.

The Alberta government now says that the gas station has to build an underground containment wall around the contaminated soil instead of removing it.

Residents near the station are not pleased with the decision and want all of the soil removed.