Beer is back on the menu for celiac sufferers in Calgary thanks to a new brewery.

Heathen’s Brewing offers a beer line-up that is completely gluten-free.

Wes Maxwell started making gluten-free brews at home after learning some of his family members had celiac disease, including two of his kids. 

“They’re both over 18 and enjoy beer and you could see everyone kind of suffering,” said Maxwell. He created about 45 different kinds including one with peanut butter.

His friend Jeff Silzer enjoyed tasting the beers and thought they were so good they should open up shop. 

“There’s actually nobody else in the marketplace in Alberta specifically that is a dedicated gluten-free beer,” said Silzer, co-founder of Heathen’s Brewing.

Health Canada estimates as many as 300, 000 Canadians could have celiac disease though many remain undiagnosed.

"It’s a bigger portion of the population than one realizes," said Silzer.

Both men think most gluten-free beers lack flavour or have a metallic taste and believe their brews taste very close to traditional beer.

"The response we’ve had so far is nobody would be able to tell," said Silzer.

"None of the beers are sorghum based which is where the stigma of gluten-free beers not tasting very good kind of comes from," added Maxwell.

The brewery located at 7-3300 14th Ave NE  will be open Thursdays through Sundays from 4p.m. until 10p.m.  You can only try the beer at the tap-house for now but the men plan to get their taps added to restaurants and start canning soon.