In a year of grieving and frustration a Calgary family finally received some good news.

On Tuesday night, the found out the man who killed their son is going to jail. "Last night was the first descent sleep I've had in eight months," says Ernie DelPinto

Leo DelPinto was shot to death while in Thailand by Uthai Dechawiwat, an off-duty police officer. There has been conflicting reports about who started the altercation, and why it happened, but there has never been any doubt about who pulled the trigger.

Until now, Dechawiwat was never sent to jail for the killing and he even continued working as a police officer while an investigation into the incident took place.

"In addition to forensic evidence, that does not support his version of self defence whatsoever, there are two additional witnesses now that have come forward...that contradicted his version of events," says Adriano Lovinelli, the family's lawyer.

Dechawiwat has been denied bail and, unless he successfully appeals, will stay in jail until his trial.

So far a trial date has not been set and Thai authorities say it could be another year before the case goes to court.