The man accused of killing and dismembering Wendy Hewko has pleaded guilty.

On Thursday, Victor Dean Gosse pleaded guilty to manslaughter and interference with human remains.

Hewko's remains were found along the Bow River pathway in August of 2007. It took several weeks for all her body parts to be recovered.

Gosse rented a room in a basement suite in Castleridge where Hewko lived with her boyfriend. They were all cocaine crack users.

In a statement of agreed facts, Gosse said he and Hewko got into an argument on July 14th over some unpaid rent. "All I can remember is grabbing Wendy by the head of the hair and I threw her. When I looked up, there was a big pool of blood and she didn't get up. I don't know what I did."

In the statement, Gosse also said, "I don't remember chopping her up."

In court on Thursday, the victim's sister read her impact statement and directed her comments at Gosse. "She always extended a helping hand to anyone in need. The same hand you chopped from her arm and had thrown on the riverbank like trash. Well, she wasn't trash," said Marlene Halverson.

Both sides of the case are asking for a 10-year jail sentence.

The judge will announce her decision on Friday.