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Gun shots interrupt spring morning in northeast Calgary

Police are on the look out for a suspect after a spring morning in northeast Calgary was interrupted by gunfire Saturday. 

Neighbours tell CTV News they spotted a driver shoot twice at another vehicle just after 11 a.m. in the community of Castleridge.

"I was inside the house and heard a pop," said Chris Roach. "Which sounded like a car backfiring and felt a slight vibration of my house. 

"Then the red car took off," he added, "and there was a black car that chased him up the street in hot pursuit."

Roach says a black SUV fired at a red Chevy Cruise, which was later recovered by police. 

Officers are still searching for the SUV and its driver, who a CPS spokesperson says is "dark-skinned" and in his 20s. 

Roach says after the altercation, he spotted one of the men from the red car run into a neighbour's yard. 

Luis Via Villahermyz owns the property.

"I got a hysterical phone call from my daughter," said Via Villahermyz. "Saying, 'Papa, Papa, you have to come home, someone is trying to break in!

"This is not OK," he added. "My daughter is actually over there giving a statement. She's hysterical. She's hyperventilating."

Officers closed multiple streets in the neighbourhood in an effort to locate the people involved.

They did arrest one man, who is believed to be the person who ran into Via Villahermyz's backyard. Police have yet to confirm that detail. 

Roach found a bullet in the siding of his home. 

A short time later, someone showed up at a Calgary hospital with a gunshot wound.

That individual has not yet spoken with police and is considered in non-life-threatening condition.

Area residents told CTV News they are shaken.

Saturday's shooting is just the latest incident in a recent spike of violence in Calgary, including a number of deadly shootings, stabbings and a body being discovered in a suitcase.