The proud parents of Danika Shay Popowich never thought they would be having the first baby of the New Year because labour started two days ago.

Danika’s mother Sarah and father Michael welcomed her to the world at either 12:11 or 12:13, depending on which one of them you ask.

Labour began for Sarah on December 30 and it was a struggle but she is ecstatic that everyone is happy and healthy.

Danika weighs six pounds and nine ounces.

Lethbridge needed to wait nearly two hours for their first baby of 2013.

Gabriel Kent Greene was born at 1:49 a.m. at six pounds and 14 ounces.

His mom Cassie also never expected to have the New Year’s baby because she wasn’t due until later this month.

There was also a New Year’s baby born at the St. Michael’s hospital in Toronto at precisely the stroke of midnight.