Alberta Health Services is advising the public to stay out of the Milk River at Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park due to high levels of bacteria in the water.

Officials say visitors should not swim or wade in the water or drink any untreated lake water.

Water-borne organisms, including the high levels of fecal coliforms found at the site in Milk River, can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

The presence of fecal coliforms may be the result of sewage from humans, mammals and birds entering the water system. Plant material and pulp and paper effluent can also cause high levels of fecal coliforms.

AHS says that testing of the river water revealed the high concentrations of the bacteria in the water and the levels that were found have the potential to cause skin, ear and eye infections in anyone who comes in contact with the water.

Officials will continue to monitor the water, but the advisory will remain in place until further notice.

Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park is approximately three and a half hours southeast of Calgary.