CALGARY -- Alberta businesses looking to help out with manufacturing medical supplies for the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak can now contact Alberta Health Services (AHS) directly.

A number of companies have come forward with offers to provide medical equipment including masks and gloves, but AHS has opened an email address to help streamline the offers for help.

Organizations looking to help out can contact AHS at

"We are extremely grateful that many individuals and companies are interested in donating (personal protective equipment) to AHS," officials wrote in an email to CTV News.

Meanwhile, a separate contact form has been created to put companies in touch with the Alberta Emergency Management Agency to donate other goods and services.

The form states there are two ways to help out. Companies can either work to purchase goods needed for the government's efforts or add their information to a database that the government can access in the event there is a need of emergency supplies.

While many people have offered to help out, AHS reminds individuals and organizations that PPE donations cannot be received directly at any of their facilities.

"In order to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to patients, staff and donors, we respectfully ask that medical supply donations are not brought to AHS facilities. They cannot be accepted at those sites."