Flood stricken High River is still in desperate need of resources and on Wednesday the community got a boost from Canadian artist Tom Jackson.

Jackson called in a few favours and delivered a truck full of food and supplies to Mission Possible at the High River exhibition grounds on Wednesday morning just in time for lunch.

Volunteers have been at the site feeding needy families since the floods devastated the community back in June.

Officials say there are still 300 to 500 families who rely on the service everyday and the donation couldn’t have come at a better time.

Jackson says his friend from Mission Possible called him and told him they were running out of food and so he decided to do something about it.

“I simply made a phone call to a friend of mine James McAra who runs the food bank in Calgary and I said I have a situation in High River that I wasn’t even aware that there could be a situation, and he said what are the details? I told him and he said well we’ll solve that,” said Jackson.

Jackson then called another friend to mobilize a truck and crew to pick up the supplies from the food bank.

“And as long as this camp is here, there will be food for these people,” said Jackson.

He asked what else was needed and was told that the basics are still in high demand.

“They don’t have toiletries. They don’t have socks or underwear,” said Jackson. “When you are in these situations and you don’t have laundry facilities, socks, you wouldn’t think that.”

Jackson says he is committed to letting those affected by the floods know that they are not out there alone.

“Don’t forget that this is an ongoing issue. George Canyon said it the other night, he said this is not a sprint, this is a marathon,” said Jackson.

The Town of High River has set up a relief fund at RBC. Click here to donate.