An internationally renowned homeless advocate says Calgary is doing a better job than most cities in getting people off the street.

Mark Horvath operates the website, which profiles homeless people across North America.

On Thursday, Mark was meeting Don Bixby in his Bowness apartment.

CTV was with Bixby the day he moved off the street and into his apartment in April.

Horvath had also profiled Bixby on his website before the Calgary Homeless Foundation helped him find a home.

Bixby was homeless for about 20 years before someone gave him a chance to make it on his own again.

"Someone gave me the chance and I'm doing good. It's night and day since I first met you," said Bixby.

Horvath was once an addict and also homeless himself. He sobered up just in time for the recession, and couldn't find work.

‘Pretty much all I had left was a box of clothes, a couch, a laptop, and a car, and a camera, so I grabbed that camera and went out and started empowering homeless people to tell their own story," said Horvath.

Horvath has traveled North America often documenting the failure of plans to end homelessness and says he's astounded how well Calgary's plan is working.

"In the States the ten year plan is pretty much a joke in most communities. Some are doing it, but not like they are here. Here in Calgary I think you've housed over 2000 people. That's amazing for a community this size."

Don Bixby is a homeless success story and a lot of people were unsure if he would make it this far.

Bixby is staying sober and taking on part time work. He has even adopted a cat to share his new home with.

To see Horvath's unedited interviews with homeless people visit the invisible people website.