CALGARY -- The HomeSpace Society announced on Thursday plans to construct a new 51-unit affordable housing development in the south west Calgary Beltline community.

At the groundbreaking ceremony Bernadette Majdell, HomeSpace Society’s CEO, emphasized the importance of the build saying affordable housing is desperately needed in our city as there are approximately 3,000 Calgarians currently experiencing homelessness.

“Calgary is continuously growing and changing as a city and we know in tough economic times we need housing," said Majdell. "Right now we’re short about 15,000 units in Calgary and each building brings us one step closer to fulfilling the need.”

Suzanne Cadieux, a long time resident of another HomeSpace building who experienced homelessness on and off for years, shared her story with the crowd.

She said being homeless left her feeling overwhelmingly scared and depressed.

“It sometimes made me make bad decisions," she said, "so going from that to shelter, where I can make good decisions and be supported brought such pride.”

Cadieux has been off the streets for almost a decade now “I have pride in my home, my community and my neighbours. It’s brought a family sense for me and I literally didn’t grow up with a family so it was quite beautiful.”

The building will feature a mix of self contained one bedroom and studio apartments. There will be a common space within the building to encourage community gatherings and shared experiences. Several fully accessible units will also be available. The project is planed to completed by spring of 2021 with residents moving in shortly after.

More information about this development and other affordable housing initiatives are available at