A horrific case of animal abuse has shocked rescuers at Alberta Animal Rescue Society (AARCS).

On Friday, the team took in Nero, a 7-week-old puppy with severe facial burns. It is believed that someone poured something flammable on the puppy and he was lit on fire.

He was rushed to the emergency veterinary clinic in Calgary where he underwent surgery to clean the wounds on his face. Unfortunately due to extensive damage, the puppy lost his ears. Nero will require weeks of recovery and may have lasting damage to his eyes.

AARCS was called by a concerned citizen working in Saskatchewan. The puppy had wondered into the work camp and they immediately took him in. Nero was then transported to Calgary.

AARCS is trying to find out who may have done this.

“We have reported it to the Saskatchewan SPCA and hope they can help us find out who did this so no other animal ever has to suffer like this again,” says Deanna Thompson, AARCS Executive Director. “We are thankful to those found him. If you could keep him in your thoughts we'd appreciate it, he’s not out of the woods yet.”

AARCS is asking for donations to help with Nero’s care. You can donate on their website by clicking here.