Cold weather was no obstacle to the participants of a fundraiser for an organization that works to help families with teenagers and young children in the City of Calgary.

All of the participants of the Hike for Hospice, held at Sikome Lake in Fish Creek Provincial Park, raised money to join the event.

One of the main groups that the organization helps are families who are experiencing advanced illness, end-of-life or even grieving the loss of a loved one.

The Calgary Stampeders are long-time partners in the event and say they’re really passionate about the grief and counselling services Hospice Calgary offers.

“It’s amazing, the work that they do, helping these young kids through a very tough and tragic time in their lives when they’ve had the sudden loss of a loved one,” says Stampeder Rob Cote, ambassador with Hospice Calgary. “They think they’re alone, they don’t know how to process their emotions, and Hospice Calgary steps in.”

Hospice Calgary will be opening a Children’s Grief Centre next month where professional grief counsellors can help to provide aid to the growing number of children in need.

The Hike raised an estimated $100,000 for the agency.