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Hot and potentially stormy weather in Calgary Thursday

AFTERNOON UPDATE: A lot of the activity in the coming days is shaped from south of us. Calgary still qualifies along with foothills communities and Lethbridge for stormier conditions Thursday. There's a remote chance these storms become severe, at this point. Smoke models are in agreement that additional smoke could arrive in a thicker phase overnight tonight for Calgary and parts of southern Alberta; however, the zone of uplift associated with storms keeps the worst of that at bay.

MORNING EDITION: The main lines yesterday were a lot of cloud locally Wednesday, and a chance of storms Thursday; both elements remain true.

A significant area of low pressure is brushing past and forcing a rise that keeps us under a bed of cloud for today; the next positive from this cloud-line comes from that rising air; while smoke could play a factor above us, near-surface elements are limited, at best across southern Alberta. Cloud or no cloud, it’s going to be a toasty one, today, as Calgary remains under the heat warning – and for good reason.

Our temperature trend remains in that range until Sunday, with some model agreement that the drop is on its way thereafter.

On to Thursday, Storm activity will cross the Rockies; at this time, it looks like Calgary’s positioned on the southern periphery of a wave that will pass along the QEII, largely north of us; however, we’ll be in the line, too. Marginal-to-moderate instability is expected from that wave.

After that, we’re back under the ridge, and can expect temperatures near the 30 C mark once again.

Your five day forecast:


Evening: clear, low 17 C


Mainly sunny, chance of showers, thundershowers

Daytime high: 31 C

Evening: some cloud, low 14 C


Mainly sunny, chance of showers, thundershowers

Daytime high: 29 C

Evening: some cloud, low 16 C



Daytime high: 28 C

Evening: clear, low 14 C



Daytime high: 27 C

Evening: clear, low 12 C



Daytime high: 27 C

Evening: clear, low 11 C

Richard always knows where to find the best sunsets; here’s the take from Lynnview Ridge Tuesday evening:


CTV Calgary's weather picture of the day for Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2022. (Richard)You can send your pictures to Top Stories

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