Police had to shut down Blackfoot Trail in southeast Calgary after they received reports of a suspicious package on Friday morning.

Blackfoot Trail was shut down between Heritage Drive and Glenmore Trail S.E. but has since been reopened.

A strip mall in the area remains closed while police investigate.

They would not confirm whether or not the suspicious package had been dealt with

There are reports that the incident could beconnected to an attempted break and enter earlier on Friday morning.

J.R. Cox, the owner of Shooter's Edge, says that he got a call from police that someone tried to break in to his store.

After reviewing his surveillance tapes, he says a truck backed into the store in an attempt to break in.

When the truck hit the store, Cox said he saw a device fall out of the back of the truck.

School officials at West Island College closed the school voluntarily during the incident, but are now in the process of reopening the school.