CALGARY -- Motorcycle riders from around the province gathered to remember one of their lost friends Sunday.

A memorial was held to honour the memory of Caleb Bryce, who died in a crash on Tuesday.

Roughly 250 people attended.

“It’s therapy for all of us to gather and remember,” Caleb’s father Alan said. “I look around us and I just see a fantastic group of people that Caleb was able to influence in his three short years of riding around on his street bike,”

The ride was organized by Riders YYC, a group of avid motorists in Calgary. The group’s leaders organize frequent “Ghost Rides,” which they say offer a chance for family and friends to mourn together, ride and pay their respects.

“Whatever each individual is going through, you have somewhere to put that sadness, grieving and happiness,” organizer Trinity Chehadi said.

Sunday’s was the fifth ride they’ve held this year to memorialize a fallen member.

On Tuesday afternoon, Bryce suffered fatal injuries after his motorcycle collided with a car on 17 Avenue S.E.

Bryce was travelling west approaching the intersection at 26 Street.

Calgary police are investigating whether obstructed views are to blame. Officers told CTV News a vehicle parked on the northeast corner of the intersection and an advertising board led to poor visibility.

People who live in the area are calling for changes to the intersection.

They believe traffic control measures — like a set of streetlights — would make the road safer.