CALGARY — Video of a Calgary Parking Authority vehicle left parked in front of a fire hydrant has prompted a response from the city.

The video, which was forwarded to CTV News, shows a Park Plus vehicle left in front of hydrant, which the filmer says was on Fourth Street S.W.

“Hydrants aren’t important to you guys?” the man filming can be heard saying as another man in a Calgary Parking Authority outfit walks up to the car.

“It’s a parking zone,” comes the response, to which the man filming says, “What about this?” referring to the fire hydrant.

“Thank you for your email to the City Manager’s Office,” read a reply from the city sent to several addresses. “I will be passing along the contents of your email to my colleagues at the Calgary Parking Authority for their review.”

City of Calgary parking bylaws say vehicles can’t be parked within five metres of a fire hydrant. The penalty for parking too close to a hydrant is $40 if paid within 10 days, $50 if paid between 10 and 30 days and $68 if paid after that.