CALGARY -- A Calgary family who were unable to secure a repatriation flight back from Venezuela for months have now arrived back home.

The Rojas family, visiting relatives in Venezuela, were caught in red tape and left without a way to get back to Canada after the government closed its border due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The family told CTV News they felt they were a low priority with the local government officials and were trying to get out of the country for months.

Finally, on Thursday night, they landed back in Calgary.

"I feel so happy," said Luis Rojas Thursday night. "You have no idea what we've been through over the past six months. I just feel so grateful to be back home here with my family."

The Rojas' also said relations between Venezuela and Canada aren't strong and, with the Canadian embassy in Caracas closed because of the pandemic, the Venezuelan government has the final say on who can and can't leave.