CALGARY –  A homeless couple searching for housing is apologizing after the man admits he lied about being a veteran.

Matthew Boone originally said he served in the Persian Gulf in the 1990s but now says that’s not true, while his partner Arwen Murphy says she did not know Boone lied about being a veteran.

“I’m sorry that things went the way they did,” said Boone. “My only concern is helping them (Murphy and their two dogs) and getting off the street.”

“And I didn’t know any of this at all. I believed Matt, everything that he said,” said Murphy. “I have great respect for the military.”

A Calgary woman invited the couple to live with her for a few days and was trying to find them housing, but Corrine Catarino said she also had no idea about the lie.

After CTV ran a story Tuesday about Catarino trying to help the couple, several veterans groups offered to help,  but could not reach the couple.

Several veterans contacted CTV suspecting Boone was lying about his service in the Canadian Forces.

CTV News Calgary acknowledges it made a mistake trusting the man and his story.

Police tell CTV they are now investigating Boone.

The couple is staying with Catarino in her home until her roommate moves in Friday night.

She is still helping the couple search for a place to live.