An Idea Camp being held at University of Calgary on Thursday is bringing together municipal staff and community leaders from across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to find ways to leverage data and tech for local benefit.

Led by Evergreen in partnership with the university and the City of Calgary, the day-long event is the second in a series of six regional Idea Camps.

The ideas explored here will look at how to move from consultation to co-creation as a foundation for the open smart city.

“Cities and communities across Canada are grappling with issues, challenges and opportunities around data and technology every day,” says Carly Livingstone, senior program manager at Evergreen.

“What we want to make sure that we are doing is making sure that we do so and that approach data and technology and the smart city concept in a way that is collaborative, ethical, transparent and accountable.”

More Idea Camps will take place in Montreal, Mount Pearl, Nfld., Victoria and in northern Canada later this fall.