CALGARY -- Indefinite Arts Centre, which provides studio space for more than 300 artists living with physical and/or developmental disabilities, reopened Tuesday after being shut down for months due to the pandemic.

Phase one (of three)  will see 65 artists involved in the reopening, said Indefinite Arts CEO Jung-Suk Ryu.

“This is absolutely exciting not just for us as an organization because we get to see our artists but for so many of our artists," said  Ryu."Tthey have not been able to come out to the studio and this is one of the activities that they look forward to the most,.

“To be able to accommodate that ," he added, "and welcome a smaller community at first - but hopefully we will be able to see all of our artists come back to the studio.”

COVID-19 has changed the look inside the studio. There are social distancing stickers on the floor. Plexiglass has been installed at the artists area. Work spaces are spread out over two floors and staff has access to protective equipment.

Arts centre, Indefinite Arts Centre

Virtual programs will continue to be offered as there is a segment of the artist population who are still vulnerable to the pandemic. Indefinite Arts said that during the pandemic, 95 per cent of its artist community remained engaged, via digital, snail mail and phone supports.