The province has launched an initiative to end family violence in Alberta and made the announcement at the University of Calgary on Friday.

Researchers at the U of C spent the last two years looking into the issue and one of the focuses to end family violence is prevention through education.

Agencies will concentrate on teaching children what healthy relationships look like and that all members of the community must be involved in changing attitudes and behaviors.

“What you grow up in is your norm and if that happens to be violence, that's what you think is normal. And if you're told early enoughthat it's not normal, it’s not right what's happening to you, and what you're seeing happening in your family is not the way it should be, then you've started those steps towards normalizing what a relationship should look like,” said CPS Chief Rick Hanson.

Alberta has the second highest rate of self-reported spousal violence in the country.

In the last five years, more than 74,000 Albertans have reported physical or sexual abuse by a spouse or partner.

The province says it needs everyone's help to end family violence and is hoping to make that happen in the next ten years through support for social agencies and programs.

(With files from Kevin Fleming)