CALGARY -- A public inquiry into who is funding environmental opposition to Alberta's oil and gas industry has been given an extension until Jan. 31.

The inquiry was an election promise by Premier Jason Kenney, who has said he believes foreign funders are pulling the strings on domestic protesters to undermine Alberta's oil and gas industry

The budget for the inquiry was $2.5 million.

The inquiry was expected to discover if any laws have been broken and recommend appropriate action against any parties found to be involved in wrongdoing.

On Wednesday Minister of Energy Sonya Savage said in a statement, “Our government has been unwavering in our commitment to stand up for our energy sector, including launching a public inquiry into the existence of a foreign-funded anti-Alberta energy campaign.”

Alberta's cabinet has agreed to a 90- day extension, which is being provided without any additional funding.

Savage said this ensures potential participants have a fair opportunity to provide input, and restrictions related to COVID-19 have led to procedural delays.