A Calgary lawyer’s desire to celebrate the achievements of Albertans who played key roles in defining Calgary and Alberta resulted in the creation of a distinguished society and tribute installations at locations throughout the city.

In 2003, Gordon Hoffman was inspired to start the Alberta Champions Society.

“We thought that it would be very important to recognize and honour them and to remember them for all their accomplishments and all their achievements and all the obstacles that they overcame,” said Hoffman.

The society has created five ‘fields of fame’ containing six steel sheaves of wheat bearing the names, photographs and a brief biography of ‘Alberta Champions’. The fields are located at:

  • Jamieson Place (Plus 15 level of 308 4 Ave SW)
  • Court of Queen’s Bench Park (next to 3rd Street LRT station)
  • Hyatt Regency Hotel (700 Centre St SE)
  • McDougall Centre (corner of 5 Ave and 7 St SW)
  • Heritage Park

Ruth Ramsden-Wood is a member of the Alberta Champions Society board. She say’s Hoffman’s vision was instrumental in bringing the fields of fame to life.

“It’s really a wonderful thing for us to do, for us to honour all of those people who built our province and our city and community,” explained Ramsden-Wood. “(It’s) a wonderful way for our kids and people who are moving into Alberta to learn about our roots and our history.”

For his effort to ensure Alberta’s trailblazers are properly recognized, Gordon Hoffman is this week’s Inspiring Albertan. 

With files from CTV's Darrel Janz