Head shaves are a popular way to raise funds for cancer research and for one Calgary teacher it was also a very personal way to show her support for Kids Cancer Care.

Heather Farrell teaches Grade 7 at Samuel W. Shaw Middle School and has had a full head of hair since birth.

When the school announced that it would hold a Shave Your Lid for a Kid event, Farrell decided to take part in honour of a student that she taught at another school.

“I have extremely fond memories of a student of mine who sadly passed away about two years ago, to this date, from leukemia,” she said.

Farrell visited her sick student while he was in Alberta Children’s Hospital and says the head shave is an opportunity to do something in his memory.

She took her turn in the chair and admitted that a flood of emotion came over her as her hair hit the floor.

“It was absolutely exhilarating, emotional. Seeing my daughter across the room from me, seeing my beautiful students, who are all healthy, in front of me was overwhelming, totally overwhelming,” said Farrell.

Farrell raised $2500 and her sister-in-law,  Fiona, backed her both as a donor and as a sponsor and says she is inspired by Farrell’s willingness to part with her hair for such a worthy cause..

“I have asked her a few times if she's ready and there's a few times where she said she, mmm  I don't know I am,  but this morning I asked her if she's ready, and she's ready. She's ready to do this and the money is going to a great cause, this is really important for her,” she said.

The event raised a close to $20,000 for Kids Cancer Care.

For being willing to have her lid shaved in support of Kids Cancer Care, Heather Farrell is our inspiring Albertan this week.

(With files from Darrel Janz)