Two top French ski officials are on their way from France to Nakiska to provide support and to investigate the death of one of their own on the ski hill.

The French Ski Federation says 35-year-old David Poisson lost a ski during Monday’s crash in the middle of a training run.

They also confirm the RCMP account that Poisson went through some safety netting and hit a tree.

Poisson is one of many skiers from several nations who have been training at Nakiska in advance of the World Cup event at Lake Louise later this month.

Officials with the Lake Louise event say there are no changes planned to their safety preparations in light of Poisson’s death.

They’ve been building the course since October and there will be multiple layers of netting on the course.

They are still waiting to hear from the French team to see if they want any sort of tribute to Poisson to be held at the World Cup event.