Calgary police say they have received reports about racing activity taking place in Calgary’s industrial areas and have launched an investigation to put a stop to it.

On May 1, police started an operation aimed at curbing illegal street racing after receiving reports of vehicles travelling at very, high speeds in some areas.

Police held a news conference on Wednesday in a parking lot at the Tim Hortons in the 3600 block of 61 Avenue S.E. and say the location is a meeting point for racers.

“For a number of years now we’ve been working on this area specifically in the industrial area in regards to street racing,” said CPS Sergeant Bradley Norman. “What they do on nice evenings is they’ll show up here, conjugate and then they’ll leave here, go to different areas in our district and race.”

Police have written over 280 tickets, issued 71 warnings and laid two charges since the operation began.

“One month ago we had an incident here where a mother and a child was leaving Tim Hortons, a person was doing a burnout, lost control and almost hit them so we had to react out here,” said Bradley. “Very concerned about the public safety because I don’t want to see someone die out here. If these guys keep doing this, it’s not if it’s going to happen, it’s when it’s going to happen.”

Police say the racing activity is happening on weekends and that those involved are often younger and inexperienced drivers.

“Some evenings we’ve had up to a thousand vehicles,” said Bradley.

“We’re having all ages, from 16 to 60 year old people out here racing. We’ve got some of these young people that have had their licences for a month and they’re out here in mom’s van racing around, stunting, drifting and all that.”

Police say five vehicles have also been towed and one warrant was executed since the operation started last month.