A full investigation is underway into what caused a Canadian Forces CF-18 fighter jet to crash at the Lethbridge County Airport.

The crash happened Friday during a practice flight for the Alberta International Airshow when the jet was doing a low speed pass near the terminal.

Before the jet crashed into the ground, the pilot ejected and his parachute opened. He ejected from the jet approximately 100 metres off the ground. The pilot was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Investigators are now combing through the crash site looking for any answers that pictures and the pilot haven't already given as to what caused the jet to seemingly fall out of the sky and explode into a giant ball of fire.

"That's our goal, to find out what happened, why it happened, so ultimately we can come up with effective preventative measures so it doesn't happen again," said lead investigator, Major Kevin Roberts.

Investigators are working closely with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada to determine the cause of the crash.

Major Roberts tells CTV News that preliminary assessments suggest the state-of-the-art ejector seat worked perfectly. He says the pilot sustained only minor bumps and bruises associated with a low altitude ejection, mostly from being whipped around in the wind.

"No one ever wants to have an accident, but certainly no one wants to have a fatal accident, so airplanes are replaceable in some regard, people are not. We're very happy that we have the pilot to talk to, and he's a very good source of information for us as well," added Major Roberts.

It could take up to a year for the military to complete its investigation.