The family of a Calgarian killed in Thailand is outraged.

The Del Pintos claim the federal government is using stalling tactics in their son's case.

In January, Leo Del Pinto was shot to death in Thailand by an off-duty police officer.

The officer said it was self defense, but some witnesses said it was murder.

The Del Pinto's asked the Canadian government to monitor the investigation and keep them informed.

Now, eight months later, the family says Ottawa is stalling, and documents obtained by CTV News may back that up.

After filing an Access to Information Request with Foreign Affairs, CTV News received all the government's internal correspondence about Del Pintos death, but most of it was censored.

Ernie Del Pinto, Leo's father, says it looks like the government is either hiding something or isn't taking the matter seriously.

"Somebody dies in Mexico, somebody dies here, somebody dies there; they don't care. They're our Canadian people. They've got to stick up for people."