LETHBRIDGE, ALTA. -- It was mostly all smiles at Exhibition Park in Lethbridge and maybe even a few tears as kids rolled up their sleeves across Alberta Friday to receive their first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“It’s been a long time coming, I’m probably going to go home and cry,” said Tabatha Beggs, whose two daughters were receiving their first COVID-19 vaccine.

Kids aged five to 11 in Alberta are now able to get their first COVID-19 shot. For Beggs, the vaccine is just another step forward.                                                                                         

“We’re looking to get back to normal life, you know, we want to send the kids back to gymnastics, we want to be able to travel, we want to do things again,” said Beggs.

Seven-year-old Savi and her 11-year-old sister Isabella Beggs say the process wasn’t nearly as scary as it was thought to be.                    

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“It was okay – it was fine. It doesn’t hurt, it was very quick and easy. – it was just like a little pinch and then it’s done,” said both Savi and Isabella.

Families that spoke to CTV News say they were pretty eager about being offered the shot.                                                                                     

“She was pretty excited, she was listening to the news and I heard squealing – running up stairs, I thought something was wrong and she said she finally gets to have her shot so we got up first thing in the morning and we went and signed up for it – she was pretty excited,” said Amy Adelman whose 11-year-old daughter received her first shot.

“Once [the needle] goes in, it’s just one shot and really quick, so everyone should get it so you can you’re keeping others safe and not putting them in danger,” said 11-year-old Zosia Adelman.


Those at Exhibition Park on Friday say there was no wait to get in and the process ran smoothly.

“It’s a good opportunity so we took it right away, first thing we could and here we are,” said Patrick Knox, whose nine-year-old daughter received her first shot. “Not overly busy either, so not too much of a lineup.”

The vaccine is only being offered at AHS clinics and select pharmacies in Alberta. Exhibition Park is the only clinic in Lethbridge to offer the jab to kids between five and 11.

For parents who may still be a bit hesitant, Amber Mueller, a pharmacist at Stafford Pharmacy in Lethbridge, said the pediatric Pfizer vaccine is a lower dosage and has gone through clinical trials throughout the past year on people over the age of 12.

“It is a great time for kids to get the vaccine as we do see it’s a safe option and it is very effective,” said Mueller.

Parents say they had no issues when trying to book an appointment online. To book an appointment, visit here.