CALGARY -- Jann Arden is back for another season of laughs and life adventures in season two of her critically acclaimed comedy series, JANN.

The award-winning musician, who lives in Calgary, plays a middle-aged musician looking for meaning in her personal life while trying revive her music career.

Arden says after a steep learning curve and trying to figure out the ropes of television, she has settled in and started enjoying herself during the filming of season two, which wrapped up last fall.

"This year I’m feeling completely relaxed," she told CTV News in an interview Thursday.

"I’m really at ease and I’ve actually had a really good time this year."

The premier season of JANN was critically acclaimed, garnering three Canadian Screen Awards nominations and winning Best Comedy Series at the WGC Screenwriting Awards.

"I had a feeling during the filming of season one that this was going to be really special," said co-star Elena Juatco, who plays Jann’s manager.

There is a roster of returning cast members including some special guest stars like Sarah McLachlan, who appears in the premiere.

In season two, Arden’s character sets out to win her family and ex-girlfriend back, played by Sharon Taylor.

"Season one ended with her pissing off a lot of people. In season two she has to make a lot of amends," said Taylor.

Jason Blicker, who plays Jann’s former manager, says it’s been a privilege to work with such an amazing cast.

"Season two is filled with fun stuff, music heart and soul. It comes from the top. Everything Jann does is wonderful and we are all there with her."

After more than 40 years in the music industry, Arden talks about what it means to have an opportunity to star in a show in this stage in her life.

"Society has a tendency to go you aren’t useful anymore we’re going to swap you out for a younger model," she said.

"To have the opportunity to do this show was alarming. I’m entering into this arena that is very youth oriented especially if you’re looking at a situation comedy. You very seldom will see a woman in a starring role as a mature person."

Arden’s character is loosely based on her and the storyline is diverse. A choice she says is important.

Season two of JANN begins Sept. 21 on CTV.