The Calgary Board of Education is eliminating junk food from vending machines and cafeterias in its schools.

Foods that are not considered nutritional, like chips and chocolate bars, will be removed from school vending machines and cafeterias.

The CBE has updated its nutrition regulations and so far, the feedback from parents has been positive.

The board is adopting a recommended list of good food choices that was put together by Alberta Health Services.

For younger students, 100 per cent of foods must now fall under the "choose most often" category.

For older students, foods and beverages must fall under the "choose most often" or "choose sometimes" categories.

The board says that they consulted with parents and the community to finalize the list of acceptable foods and beverages.

They are also working closely with vendors to ensure that those items that are available to students meet the guidelines.

The new standards will only apply to foods served or sold by CBE staff to students and does apply to meals or snacks that students bring from home.

To view the new nutrition guidelines, visit the Calgary Board of Education website.