CALGARY -- A group of Calgary teens banded together to raise the holiday spirits of people who use the Veterans Food Bank

The eight teenagers who make up Kids Who Care Calgary managed to raise enough money to buy 250 boxes of chocolates for the Veteran’s Food Bank along with an additional $1,320 for a cash donation.

“Its good to support veterans or whatever cause we choose to support,” said 15-year-old Alex Horner. “Especially during the Christmas holidays because people can be really lonely or they might not be able to afford Christmas meals, so yeah I think it’s important.”

The kids came up with the idea 4 years ago when most hadn’t even reached their teens. Every Christmas since, they fundraise for various causes. This year they sold wreaths, shirts, necklaces, lego and an expensive rhubarb pie.

“It makes me feel good for helping out,” said 14-year-old Mattea Burrill. “And helping out is important now especially during COVID.”

3 families

The eight kids come from three families who set up a work station on one of their driveways to social distance and take advantage of Calgary’s above-seasonal temperatures Friday. There, they wrapped all the boxes of chocolates.

“We all have our own tables so it’s separated by families,” said Horner. “We have our kids who wear masks, making sure we’re sanitizing and just being careful.”

Natasha Thomas has four children taking part in the charity. She says the kids meet and discuss what group they’re going to support and how they’re going to raise money. She’s proud of what they’ve been able to accomplish.

“I think they learn obviously empathy and that not everyone has what they have or others have and then to give an extra helping hand,” said Thomas. “They’re learning to give back to their community and that’s something they’re going to take with them through their life.”

12-year-old Hunter Glenn says he and his siblings just came up with the idea of Kids Who Care Calgary one day when they were walking home from school. He says they’ve made a difference in peoples lives.

“It’s just  feels awesome to give back to the community,” said Glenn.

While the kids fundraised most of the money themselves, they received a $1,000 donation from Judy Thomas who’s pitched in every year.

Learn more about Kids Who Care Calgary here.