A former Calgary judge who was removed from the bench after questioning the morals and actions of a sexual assault victim has applied to practice law again.

Robin Camp met with the Law Society of Alberta on Tuesday  morning regarding the application and told the panel he would not practice criminal but likely commercial and environmental.

Camp, who was a provincial court judge serving in Calgary, once asked a young woman why she didn't keep her 'knees together' to prevent a man from sexually assaulting her.

He also referred to her as 'the accused' several times during proceedings and suggested that "pain and sex sometimes go together".

Camp resigned from the federal court in March, following a recommendation from the Canadian Judicial Council that he should be removed.

He's since apologized for his comments and has undergone training and counseling.

A number of witnesses testified on behalf of Mr. Camp, including a federal judge, a legal administrator and a number of his friends.

All of them came to Camp's defence when asked if he ever behaved in a racist, homophobic or sexual manner. They called him gentlemanly, a good and reliable friend and easy to work with.

The Law Society says that when a former judge applies to be a lawyer, alot depends on the circumstances of how they retired.

It's possible that Camp's application could be approved, as long as it meets all the conduct requirements, but there could also be further review if there are concerns about his ability to practice law.

It’s up to the panel of two lawyers and one member of the public to decide.

 “This is one of those situations in which perception and reality come face to face and we have to say would a reasonable person looking at this situation conclude this would have a negative impact on the public's perception of the legal profession,” says Don Thompson the executive director of the Law Society of Alberta.

A decision isn’t expected until the New Year.