CTV News has learned that a local man who declared his rented home a sovereign embassy is about to be evicted.

A Court of Queen's Bench judge has ruled in favour of landlord Rebekah Caverhill and ordered Andreas Pirelli to get out of her duplex by this weekend.

CTV News has been told that Saturday is the day that the eviction order will be enforced.

Pirelli was not in court to hear the judgment but he did have a representative there who refused to provide his name or approach the bench.

CTV News tried yet again to get input from Pirelli and a reporter went to the rental home for the second time in two days to talk to him.

Pirelli came to the window and took our photos but refused to speak.

He calls himself a member of the Freemen-on-the-Land movement and believes Canada's laws don't apply to him.

Caverhill says he rented the duplex, changed the locks, refused to leave, and then refused to pay the full rent or utilities.

She says he did some renovations to the home and then sent her a $26,000 bill and put a lien on the house.

Pirelli even declared the property an embassy with special protections and Caverhill has spent months trying to get him out.

Police said there was nothing they could do but on Tuesday, a Court of Queen's Bench judge sided with Caverhill and signed an eviction order.

The order states that Pirelli must be out of the home by 12:01 a.m. Saturday and to repay back rent and utilities.

If he does not comply he can be forcibly removed from the property.

(With files from Bill Macfarlane)