Animal watchers in Banff National Park were treated to quite the scene recently when a grizzly bear raced by their vehicle, while being chased by another, larger bear.

Camila Contreras, who goes by @Camilin_in_Canada on Instagram, was out taking photos with her boyfriend, Corey Brooks, about two months ago when they spotted the grizzlies feeding.  

Staying in their vehicle, they watched for several minutes when suddenly, the larger bear, better known as Split Lip, started chasing the small bear, known as Bear 126 because of its tag.

“We always are out for wildlife photography so we were seeing (these) bears for a while in the same area,” said Contreras.

“When I recorded the video we were just waiting for the bears (to do) something else than just sitting there eating. Amazing things happen when you are patient.”

The video was uploaded to Contreras’ Instagram in June, then shared on the Bow Valley Network Facebook page last week.

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