The Staples brothers, professional poker players from Lethbridge, Alberta who host a poker show on Twitch, are $150,000 richer after making good on their attempt to overcome a nearly 80 kilogram difference in their weight and meet in the middle.

Nearly one year ago, Jaime Staples tipped the scales at roughly 138 kilograms (304 lbs) while his brother Matt weighed less than half that, measuring 61 kilograms (134 lbs). The difference in their weight prompted noted high roller Bill Perkins to challenge the brothers to bring their weight to within one pound of each other in a year’s time.

“We were visiting our friend Bill Perkins who has a place down in the Virgin Islands and we were streaming poker on his boat,” said 26-year-old Jaime. “Someone on our livestream chat suggested ‘how crazy would it be if Jaime and Matt could get to the same weight?’ Bill, being a very successful energy trader, was like ‘I’ll give you 50-to-1’. My eyes lit up. Matt, we’ve got to take this.”

Encouraged by their following online, the brothers staked $3,000 in their attempt to collect $150,000.

“We started the bet around 170 or 169 lbs apart so there was a very, very wide gap,” said 21-year-old Matt. “I was definitely on the smaller, skinnier side. I’m a pretty short guy, pretty skinny and Jaime was obviously very, very large at that point.”

The wager included a number of stipulations to ensure the brothers didn’t attempt any shortcuts. “I wasn’t allowed to take any steroids during the bet. I had to do it natural," explained Matt. "On Jamie’s side, he wasn’t allowed to get any surgery.”

Their efforts were recorded and they provided regular video updates throughout the year as they worked with a personal trainer who assisted with diet and exercise.

Jamie Staples reduced his daily intake to 1,350 calories and limited his carbohydrates while focusing on regular cardio exercise. Matt Staples increased his food consumption and his workouts were strength-based. Matt says fatigue kicked in as his weight increased.

On March 25, 2018,  the anniversary of the bet, the scales confirmed the brothers had accomplished their goal. “We managed to both hit 188.3 (lbs) exactly on the nose,” said Jaime.

“I feel like it hasn’t sunk in quite yet,” added Matt. “It’ll take a few days to manifest itself.”

Jaime says he has no plans to abandon his adopted fitness regime.

“I’ve learned so much through working with Mike (personal trainer) and learning through macro-nutrients that I’m really motivated to continue my health progress,” said Jaime. “I just feel so much better as a person and healthier.”

“It was totally fun and I’m happy I did it,” added Mike without disclosing if he planned to stay at his current weight.

The Staples brothers have plans to take time away from their travels afforded by poker and return to their home in Lethbridge to spend time with family in the coming weeks. The brothers have no immediate plans for their winnings.

With files from CTV’s Bill Macfarlane