LETHBRIDGE -- World Down Syndrome Day is a special day for many people and their families across Canada and around the globe.

It happens annually on March 21st and allows communities from all over to recognize and celebrate people with down syndrome and their contributions.

Mary Greening is a 20-year-old with down syndrome and World Down Syndrome Day is one of her favorite days of the year.

In order to make it even more special for her and others in Lethbridge with down syndrome, her sister Sarai helped organized a special cruise for the big day.

"Since today is down syndrome day, we're just doing an awareness cruise with the 403 Kustoms group," she told CTV.

403 Kustoms is a Facebook group with charters in both Calgary and Lethbridge.

Over the course of the pandemic, they've been organizing drive-by birthday cruises and parades to help bring a little extra joy into people's lives.

When they were asked if they were interested in doing one for World Down Syndrome Day, they jumped at the opportunity.

"They're super special, it's all about them today," said Heather Speilman, one of 403 Kustoms group administrators for Lethbridge. "If it supports our community, we're absolutely in. Plus, I was a worked for a long time as well, so I love them dearly and they're super special. They deserve this day."

In addition to 403 Kustoms, another local group called Bikers Are Buddies also showed up to show their love and support.

In total, there were more than 30 cars, trucks and bikes and 50 plus people.

They met at the Lethbridge visitor centre to set-up and prepare before beginning the cruise.

The cruise went down Mayor Magrath Drive past the Japanese Gardens where Mary and others were eagerly awaiting to see the show.

They did a few laps up and down the road before wrapping up the event for the day.

When asked what her favorite parts were, Mary couldn't contain herself.

"The Cars, the trucks, the bikes, all of it. I love Down Syndrome Day," said Mary with a smile.

The Greenings, along with 403 Kustoms, are happy with how the day turned out and say they hope for an even bigger turnout for next years World Down Syndrome Day.

In addition to Down Syndrome Day and drive-by birthdays, 403 Kustoms are hoping to put together more cruises like this for special events.

For more information, or to request a drive-by parade, you can visit their Facebook page.